Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spicy and sweet chicken

This one is one of my favorite chicken recopies, makes you om nom nom insane ;D So this is how it goes:

  •          400 grams (0.9 lbs) of chicken breast
  •          2 table spoons of kefir or not fat sour cream
  •          3 table spoons of starch (preferably corn starch)
  •          1 table spoon of spice mix (I like my spices hot so I use grinded chili pepper, black pepper,  sweet paprika, a bit of crushed cardamom seeds and muscat. Remember that you can use whatever spices you like – make the mix yourself or just buy a ready one)
  •          4 cloves of garlic
  •          2 table spoons of honey
  •          1 chili pepper
  •          1 tea spoon of curry (if you don’t like curry u can replace it with sweet paprika spices, will do just fine)
  •          1 tea spoon of vinegar
So we take the chicken breast, wash and slice it to small stripes (the size of your index finger, if you have very big fingers – half the size of you index finger ;D). Put all of the chicken in a bowl, add 2 table spoons of kefir or not fat sour cream, 1 table spoon of your spice mix and a bit of salt. Mix the chicken with all added ingredients and let it stay in the fridge for about an hour. 

When chicken is done marinating, put your pan with not too much oil on fire and let it heat good. Meanwhile roll marinated chicken stripes in starch until they are covered nicely. When oil is hot enough, start frying chicken. Fry it until it becomes nice golden color, roll them from side to side so they fry evenly.

While chicken is frying we can make our sauce. Chop 4 cloves of garlic and a chili pepper into small pieces. Take a small bowl, add 2 table spoons of honey and start heating. When honey is melted, add 1 tea spoon of vinegar, 2 table spoons of water, chopped goodies (garlic and chili) and 1 tea spoon of curry or sweet paprika. Heat the sauce for about a minute, mix the whole time. When done you may add a dozen of green peas, they will decorate the chicken.

When chicken is done frying, place it on a plate tiled with few paper towels, and let it stay there for about half a minute (this way excess oil will be removed). When done place chicken to normal plate and cover it with sauce. And you are done! Dig in, time for nom nom :)

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  1. i do it with both for the sauce, worka pwerfect