Monday, February 28, 2011

Epic meals!

So what is your idea of epic meal? Everyone has their own point of view, but "EpicMealTime" really got the idea right, their meals are really EPIC! Check out videos below:

Like what you see? Be sure to check out their youtube channel for more epic meals:

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alternative food source?

OK so we all are used to normal everyday food. A lot of people use meat as main ingredient of their meals. Of course there are a lot of alternatives to meat - soy, vegetarian foods etc. But what about all these little creatures around us? No, not pets and squirrels (lol), I’m talking about the ones that a lot of us are afraid of – insects. Sounds kind of disgusting and extreme huh?  Despite all that insects are used as food, even as delicacy in some countries. For example they are an important source of protein in central Africa and delicacy in Thailand. I’m not promoting the idea of insects as food, never even tried any dish made of them, but I want to share this video that expresses interesting view of using insects as alternative food source. Hope you enjoy it, here is the video:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly spice - Coriander

Coriander (Coriandrum sativum)

Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. Coriander is native to southern Europe and North Africa to southwestern Asia. It is a soft, hairless plant growing to 50 centimeters (20 in) tall. The leaves are variable in shape, broadly lobed at the base of the plant, and slender and feathery higher on the flowering stems. The flowers are borne in small umbels, white or very pale pink, asymmetrical, with the petals pointing away from the center of the umbel longer (5–6 mm) than those pointing towards it (only 1–3 mm long). The fruit is a globular dry schizocarp 3–5 mm diameter.

Coriander leaves

All parts of the plant are used as spice: leaves, roots and seeds. How strong the smell of Coriander is, depends on essential oil that plant contains (~2%). It is one of the main essential oil plants. Ripe fruits are used to make oil of original taste and smell, which contains vitamins A and C. This oil is used to make odor used in perfume and cosmetics. Fat oil acquired when separating essential oils used in textile, polygraphy and soaps. Coriander is used to aromatize bread, marinates, sauces, sausages, cheeses, liqueurs and beers. Seeds are often used in meat and game (wild animal meat) stews.

Coriander seeds (grinded)

Leaves have nice, spicy smell and are mostly used fresh. They are a perfect addition to soups and stews. A lot of Georgian national dishes use Coriander leaves. One of the best and tastiest dishes is Kharcho soup (I’ll post recipe next week, be sure to check it out!).

 Coriander fruits

Coriander fruits are used also in medicine. It helps with indigestion, expectorant, hemoroids and accelerates healing of wounds. The broth of coriander fruits must be used 3 times a day, few big table spoons each time.

In conclusion Coriander is very widely used plant. It adds great taste qualities and benefits your health. Next week spice – rosemary!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spicy and sweet chicken

This one is one of my favorite chicken recopies, makes you om nom nom insane ;D So this is how it goes:

  •          400 grams (0.9 lbs) of chicken breast
  •          2 table spoons of kefir or not fat sour cream
  •          3 table spoons of starch (preferably corn starch)
  •          1 table spoon of spice mix (I like my spices hot so I use grinded chili pepper, black pepper,  sweet paprika, a bit of crushed cardamom seeds and muscat. Remember that you can use whatever spices you like – make the mix yourself or just buy a ready one)
  •          4 cloves of garlic
  •          2 table spoons of honey
  •          1 chili pepper
  •          1 tea spoon of curry (if you don’t like curry u can replace it with sweet paprika spices, will do just fine)
  •          1 tea spoon of vinegar
So we take the chicken breast, wash and slice it to small stripes (the size of your index finger, if you have very big fingers – half the size of you index finger ;D). Put all of the chicken in a bowl, add 2 table spoons of kefir or not fat sour cream, 1 table spoon of your spice mix and a bit of salt. Mix the chicken with all added ingredients and let it stay in the fridge for about an hour. 

When chicken is done marinating, put your pan with not too much oil on fire and let it heat good. Meanwhile roll marinated chicken stripes in starch until they are covered nicely. When oil is hot enough, start frying chicken. Fry it until it becomes nice golden color, roll them from side to side so they fry evenly.

While chicken is frying we can make our sauce. Chop 4 cloves of garlic and a chili pepper into small pieces. Take a small bowl, add 2 table spoons of honey and start heating. When honey is melted, add 1 tea spoon of vinegar, 2 table spoons of water, chopped goodies (garlic and chili) and 1 tea spoon of curry or sweet paprika. Heat the sauce for about a minute, mix the whole time. When done you may add a dozen of green peas, they will decorate the chicken.

When chicken is done frying, place it on a plate tiled with few paper towels, and let it stay there for about half a minute (this way excess oil will be removed). When done place chicken to normal plate and cover it with sauce. And you are done! Dig in, time for nom nom :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today I'll tell you how to make another Lithuanian sweet called "Slacker". Yes, that's right - slacker ;D It is direct translation from Lithuanian word "Tinginys". Maybe you know this recipe from somewhere else and know a proper name for it in English? If so, be sure to let me know in comments, thanks! OK, so here is what you will need:
  • 1 pack of butter
  • 2 larger spoons of cocoa
  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk 
  • 3 packs of cookies (simple, hard ones, one pack should weight about 190 grams - 7.6 oz)
  • Optional - handful of crushed nuts or coconut shavings 
Let’s get a big and comfortable bowl (as always lol). Melt the butter on small fire, add two spoons of cocoa and can of sweetened condensed milk. Mix them together while still on fire! Turn of the fire when the mass is nice and even. Add 3 packs of fractured cookies. And if you like handful of crushed nuts or coconut shavings (I like both, so I always use them). Mix everything up :) Get a form that would fit all of the mass, and tile it with polyethylene so it would be easy to take "Slacker" out later. Put all of the mass into the form, don’t be afraid to add a little pressure so it would spread nicely. If you want to make slacker look pretty, sprinkle the top of it with whatever you like (crushed nuts, coconut shavings do the job perfectly). Final step - to the fridge! You should cool it for about 5-6 hours (best is to leave it for the night). After the night you should have one solid, very sweet and tasty "Slacker". Have a good Nom Nom! :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crumb Cake

This cake is very easy to make and it's very popular in Lithuania. So this is what we will need:
  • 3 Eggs
  • 1/2 Glass of sugar (add more if you like your cake sweeter!)
  • 500 grams (1.1 lbs) of wheat flour
  • 150 grams (6 oz) of butter
  • 1 tea spoon of baking powder
  •  500 grams (1.1 lbs) of your favorite jam (Best choices are blueberry, apricot or black currant. But every thick jam will do) 
Get a large comfortable bowl :) Melt the butter and mix it with sugar. Get that big bowl of yours and add everything: butter and sugar mix, flour, eggs, baking powder and start kneading the dough! When the mass is nice and even, put the bowl in the fridge for about 1.5 hours. The mass should be quite hard and after chilling in the fridge it must be very hard. Get your baking tray and tile it with baking paper. Break 2/3 of dough in to crumbs (not too little, size of your nail will do) and spread them on baking paper, you can do this with your hands or using a grater. Take your favorite jam and spread it on the crumbs. Break 1/3 of dough that's left in to crumbs and spread them on top of the jam. Heat the oven to 180 °C (365 °F) and bake for 50 mins.

After 50 mins - your very om nom nom cake is ready! Serve it with a cold glass of milk, or few scoops of your favorite ice cream :)